Smart Management Of Your IoT SIM Fleet | Evénement Virtuel

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Jeudi 18 novembre de 11h à 12h. Ce webinar organisé par POST Telecom Luxembourg (1 er opérateur national) et IoTM Solutions sera en anglais.

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Are you aware of the key considerations to know when building up an IoT business?

No matter the number of IoT SIM cards you manage, 100, 1000, 100000+…, what is certain is that your fleet is going to evolve through years.  So, how to anticipate?

Our speakers with over 30 years of experience in IoT will address operational issues and challenges you could face with concrete use cases. They will then give you some tips & tricks to best manage and monitor your IoT SIM cards to maximize your IoT business.

Interested in advanced analytics, automation rules, rate plan optimization, future trends in IoT connectivity…?

Join us virtually the 18 th of November at 11am (UTC+1) and get the vision of both POST Telecom as a mobile network operator and IoTM Solutions as an IoT connectivity management platform provider.

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